What could be more natural?

So now the two of you have decided that you’re in love and ready to take the next step. Then again, maybe you’re not quite ready to walk down the aisle but you would like to make you love known. Well here’s the perfect answer:


Think about it, you can send out invitations, invite your friends, and say your vows, and nobody will dare question that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level of commitment. Well, maybe they’ll dare to question it but what do you care, it’s your life isn’t it?

Besides, to have the ceremony performed doesn’t cost you a penny. Also, as an extra bonus, just in case you discover that you’re not just perfect for each other, this same place will happily provide with a quick cyber divorce.

So if you feel, or think, you’re ready to take this step just go to the cyber wedding chapel

However, if you know your love is true and you want a traditional wedding ceremony you can…

…that’s right, you can Rent A Priest.

Although we’re not sure how this works as the service is performed by Married Priests. But it would be a traditional wedding service, and while the marriage would not be sanctioned by the Catholic Church, you would be legally married.

If this is of interest to you and you want to find out more about it simply click here for Rent a Priest.

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