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Dating 101

Couger Dating
Women that are rich and over 40

Take a test to find your psychological match. This dating site was mentioned on the Discovery channel because they rejected someone who took their test.

Mensa Singles
Your IQ has to be at least 130 before they’ll even talk to you.

Third age Baby Boomers
This is for you if you’re a survivor of the 60’s.

Pet Owner Singles
For people who love their pets. And you should love your pet or you have no business owning one.

Espresso Dating
For the upwardly mobile and highly caffainated.

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Dating 102

Biker Dating
If you love your Harley or other Hog, this is for you.

Country Singles
Hay, Horses, Cowboys, the Open Range and the simple life.

Armed Forces Singles
If you’re in the military and just want to date someone who is.

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Dating 103

International Singles
Asian, Indian, Korean, German, French, and Latin Dating

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Dating 104

Single Parents
Love me love my kids!

I talk tech and want somebody who speaks my language.

That’s seven zeros.

Fitness Buffs
We’re fit, strong, and very health conscious.

We’re over 50 and have amassed life experience to share with each other.

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Dating 105

Book Lovers
Find your literature mate.

Equine Singles
Love me, love my horse/horses as I will love your’s.

Classical Music Lovers
Love me, love my classical music.

Don’t even think about ordering a steak!

Ivy League Singles
Be prepared to show your credentials.

Date a Doctor
To join us we prefer that you either are one or on your way to being one. However, we will consider you if you just want to date one, but you’d better have a good reason for it. If this is for you then you’ll have to copy & paste to get to your dates.

You are our unsung heros, and we wish we could’ve provided a direct link for your dates rather than requiring you to copy & paste. Sorry about that.

You, too, have to copy & paste.

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Dating 106

Black Planet Love
This is for you if you’re Black, or not, living on this Planet, and looking for Love. Thereby, that’s why it’s called Black Planet Love.

Nudist Singles
You can’t be yourself just anywhere you please, nonetheless you do want to meet someone who shares your lifestyle.

Dating for Smokers
This is for you if you want to puff to your heart’s content.

Dating for Non-Smokers
This is where you find your dates if you abhor everything and anything to do with smoking.

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Dating 107

Also a dating site for those with other recovery issues.

Burning Man
To understand it, you’ll just have to go there.

We believe they also accept chastity.

Okay so it’s not officially dating, but if you visit them we count that as dating.

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Cyber Marriage, OH NO!

Oh yes! And not only can you have a Cyber Wedding, you can also have a cyber divorce. Or if you feel like it you can Rent A Priest.

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