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Naughty gifts

Online Romance gifts can be naughty gifts, or they can be nice, or they can be just plain weird. But if you’re on this page you’re looking for a naughty gift for your Online sweetheart. So here we go with…

Naughty Gift Idea #1
A delicious game of Strip Chocolate

Strip Chocolate is exciting in every sense of the word. You will laugh. You will strip. You will eat delicious chocolate in unusual places. You may even end up barking like a dog or dancing naked! Only one thing is certain in a game of Strip Chocolate, everybody wins. Just play the rules and anything can happen (and usually does) happen. When all the clothes are off, keep playing an extended game in the “Favors” round where you set the stakes and things get even more interesting!!

Strip Chocolate game
naughty gifts giving

Strip Chocolate game

Online Romance Naughty Gift Idea #2
Chocolate Body Paint

Be creative and forget the calories! You and your partner are in for delicioous fun with this yummy for the tummy, chocolate body paint. Here’s the plan of attack: First, heat the body paint, Next, paint your partner with the brush that’s included. Make your Online Romance sweetie into a chocolate work of art.

To enjoy a treat that would make Willie Wonka jealous, just click on the button.

Chocolate Body Paint-Plain

Online Romance Naughty Gift Idea #3
Musical Love Boxers

They are 100% cotton and play a romantic melody of Love Story, Love Me Tender and Let Me Call You Sweet Heart. Take a closer look at the heart with the happy face. Simply squeeze it to activate the tunes. The hearts nose even blinks to guide you and your cupcake through the night!!!!

Musical Love Boxers – Medium

Musical Love Boxers - Medium

Online Romance Naughty Gift Idea #4
Body Talk Tattoos

Body Talk is an interactive body embellishing experience that is fun to apply and even more fun to remove. Craft a provocative message. Place it in a tantalizing spot. Then bask in the pleasure as that special someone devours your every word.

Body Talk tattoos

Body Talk tattoos

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