Actually ONLINE ROMANCE isn’t here for me. It’s here for you if you’re a….

single parent, ufie, fitness buff, millionaire, or senior. However, if you’re none of these, you’re on the wrong page. Therefore, immediately return to the Home Page and start over by searching the index at the bottom of that page.

So now that they’ve left, let’s begin by finding an ONLINE ROMANCE for the SINGLE PARENT.

Because only another Single Parent can understand the dating woes of single parenthood. Woe #1 is that you worry about what your children are doing while you’re out on you date. And if your children are like most, they’ve managed to make you feel guilty about leaving them in the first place, which brings us to woe #2.

So there you are, you’re on your date and you can’t relax because you’re worried and feeling guilty.

As you can see, there’s only one practical ONLINE ROMANCE solution for you. You have to date someone who’s feeling just as worried and guilty as you, and that’s when Solo Parent Dating comes to your rescue. Therefore, for your ONLINE ROMANCE click here

Then because sooner or later you’ll have to either…

Buy, replace, or update, your darling/darling’s computer
Fix their teeth
Buy Halloween costumes
Rescue them from the Music Police, because they’ve been illegally downloading music.

…ONLINE ROMANCE has graciously included these resources.

1} As advertised these guys do actually have some pretty good deals for your computer needs. Internet’s BEST DEALS!

Their current deals are an Optical Mouse for 5.99
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2}To help to take care of your childrens smiles there’s Dental Plans Directly from the Source!

3}…These guys sell fright right!…
Named “best overall” for Halloween shopping by the Wall Street Journal, you’ll have a frightningly good time when you visit them at Halloween Costumes All Year

4} Lastly, for legal MP3’s EMusic offers a 14 day free trial and 50 free downlads with single click album downloads. They can be found by clicking Download, Play, Burn Music

Since there’s nothing more we at ONLINE ROMANCE can do for you at this time, we’re going to move on to…..


You, too, should be dating each other, because half the time no one else can understand what you’re talking about. And even if they do understand something about algorithms, AI, SETI, they just don’t get as excited about it as you do, that’s why we at ONLINE ROMANCE strongly recommend that you click here.

And because you’re proud of who you are, ONLINE ROMANCE says you should proclaim it loudly by wearing a Free Geekoween Costume DL/Offer Page

Then for you shopping pleasure there’s

Also, we at don’t know if this grabs you as you may be way beyond buying other peoples software SpyWareNuker Text Link but we’ve included it anyway because we at ONLINE ROMANCE happen to like it.

ONLINE ROMANCE says that the Rich need love also

So if you’re a millionaire, or planing on becoming one rather quickly, and are searching for your ONLINE ROMANCE this is the place for you.

For you Fitness Buffs


ONLINE ROMANCE for The Senior Set

If you’re over 50 and want to date someone in your own age group, this is then where your ONLINE ROMANCE is waiting for you.

Just remember, as you dance and romance, the importance of good health. With that in mind, do pay a visit to these people as they are on top of all new developments and research.

Then, it’s possible that you’re not in as good-a-shape as you would like to be but joining a gym is just too much of a bother, well, ONLINE ROMANCE also has as answer for that. You can have your own personal trainer and never once do you have to go to a gym.

Virtual Fitness Trainer… Online Personal Training & Health and Fitness Exclusive Private Site Memberhip Package offers an exciting range of quality programs specifically designed to suit your training goals.

This jam-packed membership includes workouts, fat loss programs, eating plans, fitness, flexiblity and more! You can train online or print out your workouts and programs and take them with you. Complete with full exercise and workout instructions, low fat recipes, menus, motivational help and more to help you get into the best shape ever!