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BUT WE COULD…ahhh, eventually.

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After all, we found many more dating options but they were just too weird for us to include at this time. So we’re considering just notifying of their availability through a monthly ezine. And no, they’re not X rated, they’re just…well, a bit too unusual. Then, again, we may just add them somewhere to this site. So wouldn’t you like to know if, and when we do?

Then, too, we’re still badgering our relationship specialist, to write a monthly advice column. Also, under consideration, for the relationship and dating challenged, is phone-in advice/guidence from our resident Doc.

If only we weren’t so lazy, we probably would have had all that up and running by now. With that in mind, it’s very possible that if you do sign up you’ll never hear from us. But you may, so don’t take the chance of being excluded from what we come up with next.

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Now, if you’ll do us a favor, we’ll do one for you:

If you like the idea of a phone advice service, include in the subject line of your email ‘Dr. JE Curran’.

If you do that for us, we’ll have Dr. Curran personally answer any ONE question you have regarding relationships and dating.

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