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Meeting singles isn’t easy within any group of people, and is made more difficult when approached from a specific set of standards, such as those of Christians. As a result, the field narrows when it comes time to find appropriate places to meet a potential partner. Since the Christian lifestyle is specific in its guidelines for dating, as dictated by the Church (chastity is not a choice; it’s a requirement), the ability to find a compatible mate often means that you must look in places that are specific to others of the faith.

In addition to meeting someone at Church, Christian singles also have the opportunity to meet others of their faith at retreats, in an environment where they may be performing charitable works, in faith-related groups or clubs, on pilgrimages, or through other Christian friends or acquaintances. There are certainly Christian online dating services, as well, although you don’t have the benefit of meeting the person up-front within a safe environment. The church arena, itself, doesn’t include simply meeting someone at the end of Mass. There are socials, rosary groups, Scripture classes, and sometimes groups trips or activities (“field trips,” if you will) that are church-led.

While the secular world is busy meeting others in bars, lounges and dance establishments, Christians are called to surround themselves with a healthier, more spiritual environment through which they meet and interact with others. There are plenty of options out there – it’s just a matter of seeking out the opportunities at hand within your own Christian community and making the most of them.
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